Are you interested in becoming a featured speaker at one of our Healthcare Congress?

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At RTM's Healthcare programs, the latest innovations within healthcare are highlighted and shared by industry thought leaders. All content is driven by the pursuit of future-focused outcomes and applications. For healthcare professionals, this is a unique opportunity to benefit from our strategically curated industry content and shared thought leadership across key trends in Healthcare.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to highlight your expertise and experiences, connect with fellow industry peers, and impact the advancement of healthcare technologies, our Healthcare Congresses may be the perfect opportunity to highlight your voice and continue your professional advancement.

Benefits to Featured Speakers

RTM’s Healthcare Congresses offer unique opportunities for industry professionals to discover, collaborate, and engage within a focused and thoughtfully designed convergence point. With access granted through exclusive invitations, delegates and partners are primed to learn about the latest innovations within the healthcare sector. This curated and strategic environment allows industry-specific challenges to take centre stage, bringing issues of note to the forefront within a critical and collaborative environment.

Our healthcare sector featured speakers enjoy the benefits of:

Prominent visibility

Secure elevated exposure within our respected and recognised Congresses, giving you the power of increased personal and professional branding opportunities within the healthcare industry.

Strategic networking

Cultivate invaluable relationships through new and continued connections with peers, innovative industry leaders, and future collaborators within your sector.

Unique thought leadership

Put our curated platform to use and share your expertise, insights, and learnings with a highly refined audience. Contribute to ongoing progress and innovation within healthcare through your impact on delegates and peer attendees.

Ongoing professional development

Grow your knowledge base and discover ongoing career opportunities within our Healthcare Congress’s strategic environment.

RTM Healthcare Congress Audiences and Attendees

In the invitation-only environment of an RTM Healthcare Congress, you’ll connect with the healthcare industry’s leading voices, decision-makers and authorities. Our Congresses see leading executives from hospitals and healthcare systems attend, including Chief Financial Officer, Chief Nursing Officers, Chief Data Officer, Chief Information Officer and more!

You’ll also stand to benefit from networking with your fellow speakers as you enjoy the company of healthcare leaders, experts and innovators whose name sits alongside your own within our carefully designed program.

Healthcare Congress topics and areas of focus

Our Healthcare Congresses focus on topics including:

Don’t Quit Your Day Job! How To THRIVE In Your Career Without Sacrificing Your Personal Life and Suffering Burnou

Safe Haven Leadership: Fostering a Positive Culture of Workplace Safety & Support

Look Ahead: Innovation in the Revenue Cycle

Revenue Optimization

Embracing AI to Improve Efficiency, Outcomes and Patient Experience

Unlocking Efficiency & Revenue: Unify Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle with 3Ps

Health Care Disparities: How Do We Ensure Our Most Vulnerable Populations Receive the Care That is Needed?

Personnel development within IT leadership

Ready to learn more?

If you’re ready to offer your insights, experiences, and learnings to the nation’s leading healthcare executives, the RTM Healthcare Congress offers the unique platform your perspective deserves. To find out more about this exclusive opportunity, connect with our team.

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