Innovation and opportunity for the Healthcare industry

Discover tools, resources and applications to transform your organization’s future

For Healthcare professionals and industry leaders, Bridgemark powered by RTM Healthcare Congresses are their introduction to cutting-edge technologies, digital innovation and patient-centred solutions that are shaping the evolving healthcare landscape

A Congress for Healthcare leaders

Exclusively tailored via invitation-only access, our Congresses create opportunities for convergence, collaboration, and discovery. Across the course of our events, integral conversations lead the way for ongoing collaborative opportunities as our delegates learn from each other’s thought leadership, meet aligned partners, and find solutions to their most pressing challenges.

Curated and targeted networking opportunities

As a Congress attendee, you’ll benefit from our streamlined and curated environment. Build genuine connections within a space that’s strategically curated to cross your path with key stakeholders and peers whose priorities mirror your own. Each interaction presents an opportunity for discovery, collaboration, and mutually valuable outcomes.

Enhanced delegate outcomes

Within an environment shaped by the utmost respect for delegates’ time constraints and priorities, we curate forums that are designed to address the most urgent challenges and opportunities within leading healthcare organizations. Every aspect of your participation is strategically designed, ensuring the time and energy you invest through your participation results in significant and meaningful personal, professional, and organizational value.

Key Testimonials


This was a wonderful experience seeing both the accomplishments and the challenges from various organizations. Great opportunity for networking and collaborative communication. - Klein Vu - Harris Health System


This was a opportunity to learn, network, and grow. My time was respected and used efficiently. All schedule was followed and overall, done well. I look forward to the next opportunity. - Steven McWilliams - Georgia Hospital Association


Best conference I have attended thus far. Unlike many that are vendor shows, Health IT Congress provided an atmosphere for collaboration and networking far superior. - Billy Sainz - Citizens Medical Center


Every nurse executive will walk away with a positive experience and actionable solutions who attend these events. - Susan Russell - Singing River Health System

The RTM Commitment

We’re committed to creating opportunities for meaningful and transformative experiences for our Healthcare delegates. Recognizing your passion and commitment to the industry’s advancements, we shape our Congresses in direct response to the most essential knowledge, insights, and networks necessary for your ongoing success.

Our delegates carry significant expertise and thought leadership, creating invaluable convergence opportunities within each RTM Healthcare Congress. In response, we strategically curate each of our events to address the most critical needs and objectives of your organization. Utilizing an application-only delegate forum, you’ll benefit from a rich and robust network of peers whose challenges, opportunities, and complex professional environments mirror your own.

The result is a collaborative and eager environment where groundbreaking conversations, transformative connections and enduring insights are cultivated. We deliver these outcomes within a highly efficient format, saving professionals months or years of searching for the right partners and innovations through our mix of high-level content, partners, and strategic outcomes.


Participate in the most effective manner for your interests and priorities within our streamlined Congress environments, and find direct value for your work in every minute of your time investment.

RTM Blueprints

Our strategically curated Healthcare white papers are exclusively available to past and present RTM Healthcare Congress attendees. In these blueprints, you’ll find thought leadership, cutting-edge innovations, and the kinds of insights that will continue to fuel your future-proofing capacities as you navigate an evolving industry.

Designed to present the issues of note, you’ll find a nuanced and curated approach within each of our Healthcare Blueprints. 

Understanding, Embracing, and Integrating Artificial Intelligence

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Blueprint for All School District Leaders

This Blueprint focuses on making students feel represented, and creating a sense of belonging, as well as finding and implementing ethnic studies resources in curriculum and instruction.

The Bridgemark Mission

Customized platforms for B2B engagement, empowering strategic collaboration and knowledge sharing across private sectors.

Bridgemark, powered by RTM, is at the forefront of redefining professional development and networking within the private sector. Providing national educational forums and professional development opportunities for leaders in many private industries, our mission is to create collaborative environments where thought leaders can think critically, work collaboratively, and act strategically to make meaningful change. 

More than a conventional conference, our Congresses provide a pioneering platform for leaders to challenge bureaucratic systems, outdated policies, budget constraints and communication breakdowns, which stifle sector-specific innovation. With unmatched networking opportunities and reformative content creation, our full-service events are designed to empower participants to lead confidently in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Whatever your industry, we ensure every interaction is rich with impact, allowing business leaders to build lasting connections, exchange groundbreaking ideas and pave the way for lasting success.

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